Tenerife South

Tenerife - one of seven Canary Islands - which is the largest and most populated, the island very popular in Europe, because of the great weather all year round and the affordable prices.

We visited Tenerife the south of the island with my partner and dad, although I had already been as a child to the north of the island during the summer,

I can't remember much, other other than the sand on the beach being black, because the Island is volcanic. However, the sand on the more popular beaches on the south of the island is golden, as it has been artificially added.


I will visit the north of the island in the future, the climate is slightly cooler but it is meant to be more picturesque with more traditional historic architecture, with greener landscapes in comparison to the south of the Island.

North Island. Picture taken from Google.

South Island

Costa Adeje

We travelled to the south of the island during December to get away from the cold weather in England, because Tenerife has a warm climate all year around, and only a four hour flight. It was the perfect place to get away from the cold. 

I found an apartment on Airbnb in Costa Adeje for seven nights. It was around £700. Make sure you book in advance to get better prices and find somewhere you prefer. I left it to the last couple of weeks, but luckily I found something which turned out to be perfect.

The apartment is located on the grounds of a Hotel called Atlantis - five minute walk from the beach a quiet resort but not far all bars and clubs.


Playa De Las Americas well known in Tenerife for its night life, with many bars and Clubs along side the beach makes it very popular for young tourists like myself. Although I wasn't massively interested in the nightlife side of it, I prefer to explore or relax by the beach.

The weather got up to 25 Degrees it was quite windy at times we were told it wasn't usually so windy, but was actually quite nice.

Playa El Duque

Around fifteen minute walk from the apartment is Playa El Duque, a picturesque beach, there seemed to be more residents than tourists.


The prices were slightly higher, for example a beer would cost about €1 at most beaches, here it was roughly to be €1.50.


One of the excursions we went on, was a day trip to mount Teide which is the highest point in Spain - 3,718 metres.

We purchased our ticket from a trip organising company in Tenerife, costs will vary depending on what agent you use.

On the day of the trip to Teide, we woke early to wait for a coach that we were told to catch. Once the coach had picked everybody up, it made the journey up to the mountain. The scenery became greener and less built up.

About half way up the mountain, we stopped briefly at a small Cafe and we enjoyed a very strong espresso.

Then back in the coach to enjoy more great views.

When we had nearly arrived, the landscape became more rocky with no houses. We were told by the tour guide that there are only few plants that could grow there. They are small bush plants called Teide white broom, they thrive in harsh atmospheres.

Once the coach stopped, we were able to look around, there was a Cafe and gift shop.


The views from the Cafe were great it almost felt like being on a different planet.

It is also possible to take a cable cart to the top of mount Teide, which was unfortunately closed when we went, if you wanted to take a trip on the car this would also cost a bit extra.

On the way back down the mountain, we made two more stops, one at Los Roques de Garcia which has great panoramic views of the landscape.

after about twenty minutes, we got back in the coach making one more stop at a small Restaurant/Cafe.

It felt very traditional and welcoming.

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