Brasilia. The capital of Brazil.

So the first time I went there, was briefly, just for a connection flight. Flying over, I was interested in the landscape - the large man-made lakes caught my eye.


The connecting flight was en route to Cuiaba. While in Cuiaba, I thought it would be good to have a look around Brasilia, so I booked the flight back a few days earlier which gave us some extra time to spend there.

My initial thought when stepping out of the airport was the temperature, feeling similar to Rio - not too humid and just right for me.



Things to do..

Brasilia has some interesting architecture.  Being one of its landmarks: the Cathedral Metropolitana.

Cathedral Metropolitana indoors.

You don't have to be religious to respect the beauty of this building and its peacefulness. It is just a great place to come and unwind, take a moment to feel grateful, I definitely felt more relaxed after leaving the Cathedral.

Pontao do Lago Sul

(The name of a lake in Brasilia)

The perfect place to go and relax with a lovely breeze coming off the water, there are a few restaurants to choose from along the lake, to chill, have a delicious meal and a drink. Once you have finished your meal, it's the ideal place to burn it off. Take a walk alongside the lake, enjoy the view of boats going past, or go and buy an ice cream.


When we went during the daytime, we found a paddle boarding activity, where you can rent the boards for different periods of time. I had never been paddle boarding before, and it was definitely harder than it looked to stand up and paddle, falling in a few times but it was all part of the fun!

Brasilia National Park

Just a short drive out of the city in a Taxi is the Brasilia National park. I can't remember how much it cost, but there was a small entrance fee, but well worth the money.


Once we took a short walk on a path through trees, which lead to the natural swimming pool; the water is fed from natural springs, instead of being treated with (horrible) chlorine - which I thought was great.


The pool is surrounded by trees, and near the pool, there were small monkeys jumping around trying to get food from people. But you are not allowed to feed them, as they will get overweight, and hospital fees are expensive in Brazil!


Walking past the pool, there is another walk that you can follow. It goes around in a great loop where you can enjoy nature or simply get fit.


The park is just a great place to go and unwind to enjoy nature.

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