The iconic London and the symbol of the United Kingdom, attracting millions of tourists a year from all over the globe, London is famous for it's character, boasting modern and historic architecture, pioneering in art music and fashion, a multicultural city with many places to eat drink and explore.


Tower Bridge in London built between 1886 and 1894. The bridge crosses the River Thames a short walk from the tower of London. The bridge has become an iconic symbol of London.

The o2 Arena

The o2 arena formerly the millennium dome was built in 1999 and open to the public in the late 2000 located on the Greenwich peninsula.

The arena has a wide range of bars and restaurants it almost feels like a small town inside covered from the elements of the weather, the main stadium holds major events from top comedians to musicians with a seating capacity for twenty thousand people!

About Me

I'm Toby. I was born and live in the United Kindom.

Growing up, my family would take me to different countries such as Greece, although I didn't appreciate travelling as much as I do now. It definitely shaped me as the person I am today. It has all given me a wider understanding of different cultures and cuisines making me appreciate life more today. That's why I love to explore!


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